*13 year old white girl voice* she rATCHEEETTTT


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I didn’t even know who that sam pepper guy was until that video was being spread. Maybe due to the fact I haven’t watched big brother in years is possibly why. Anyway I digress, when I found out and seen roughly 25 seconds of the video I quickly reported it. Cause that is disgusting and should…

Okay, so to the people who knew Clair Betram being Stacy and were close to her.
We sorted things out and are friends again.
And even in the midst of this fight we had, I only ever made insults (I know it wasn’t nice and I went too far), but from what I recall, I never sent her death threats.
She told me people sent her death threats.
She made a mistake, she’s stopped.
There’s no need to take it to the EXTREME.


she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts

she’s cheer captain and I respect her right to wear whatever she wants and participate in traditionally ‘feminine’ activities because I understand that life is not about condemning another woman’s personal choices just because she doesn’t ‘deserve’ the boy i have a crush on